Most hosting companies provide the option to choose between Linux and Windows as the operating system for their server. Although Windows is the most popular OS for personal use, Linux is the clear winner when it comes to server OS. Linux is an open-source platform where different organisations contribute to developing different software. Linux VPS Hosting also comes in many distros which can be opted depending on your needs.

What is Linux Distro?

A Linux distribution or distro can be considered a Linux kernel-based operating system. As pointed out earlier, different organisations compile codes for different parts of the Linux platform. One can develop their own platform using such codes. However, not only would that be time-consuming but also require an in-depth knowledge of coding. Linux distros provide an alternative. It provides an operating system by compiling the codes from different sources.

Types of Linux Distros

There are many types of distros one can make use of. There is no single best distro, but it mainly comes down to the users and their needs.

  1. Ubuntu: Being the most popular Linux distro, many believe it to be synonymous to Linux. If you are new to Linux, Ubuntu would seem to

Consider that you have a blog which is gathering a lot of traffic, helping you monetise your blog, and now you want to host another site to sell your services. You might think that you need to do all the prep work again. And, you are reluctant in doing so. The next thing you do is try to solve the budget problem and make sure you don’t suffer on the grounds of performance. In such cases, multiple domain hosting comes into the picture. In this article, we will understand the need for multiple domain hosting and how can you opt for it.

Multiple web hosting services like VPS Hosting or Cloud web hosting offer you the option of extending your present server capacity from one domain to multiple domains. You need to understand the offerings of the plan and check if multiple domains are supported by it.

Let us dive-in the details of multiple domain hosting.

What is Multiple Domain Hosting?

Multiple domain hosting allows you to host various websites on one single web hosting account. You don’t need to own different hosting accounts for different websites. Bringing everything under one roof can help you not only minimise the overall …

With the increased adoption of Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting, it is becoming clearer that this hosting technology has taken the industry by storm and is here to stay. And it justifiably so. The VPS hosting architecture offers multiple high-end features and functionalities, which makes it an efficient hosting solution for modern websites. Also, the cost-effectiveness of VPS allows the rising network of startups to opt for such advanced hosting solutions without burning their pockets. Of many highlighting features of VPS, one which stands out is its exceptional storage architecture. And as versatile as this hosting platform is, there are three options of storage available on a VPS network- HDD, SSD, and Cloud.

In this article, we will study SSD and Cloud VPS and features of each.

SSD VPS vs. Cloud VPS

SSD or Solid State Drive VPS is a hosting system where the hosting provider uses SSD disks on the physical server system for storage functions. These drives are known for being highly resilient at times of power outages and offer high speed, which makes your server perform multiple times faster.

Cloud VPS, as the name suggests, is the VPS server set up on the cloud. This …

The collaborative robot also referred to as cobot, is a new kind of robot that has gained popularity in the robotics industry. This is because this robot is created with the ability to work alongside humans safely. These robots are lightweight, ingenious, and affordable. Collaborative robots come with over-current detections, motion sensors, and passive compliance as part of the inbuilt safety features. They are easy to teach and program, thus do not require special skills labor to be operated.

Collaborative robots can perform repetitive tasks with precision and accuracy within CNC machines. They can open machine doors, remove or install work pieces, and close the door. The only responsibility the operator has is programming the cobots for specific tasks, finishing, and quality control. Because of the success of using cobots with CNC machines, the builders of CNC machines are now creating these machines with inbuilt collaborative robots.

Collaborative robots make it possible for machine shops to operate round the clock. This way, the level of production is increased since parts are manufactured day and night. Collaborative robots are an easy way of enhancing the performance of a workshop without hiring extra human labor or buying additional CNC machines.

Collaborative robots …

Visa Inc. is offering a new set of security products to come to the rescue of payment providers, ecommerce retailers, and shoppers who’ve been looking for ways to recover from the never-ending cyber attacks.

Visa’s new suite is looking to help industry players combat payment fraud and build stronger disruptive defenses against cybercriminals.

Here’s Visa Inc.’s new list of new security tools and how they will prevent against payment fraud:

  • Vital Signs: This solution will check for signs of fraud in ATMs and notify banks. It will also alert retailers of possible ATM cash-out breaches.
  • Payments Threat Lab: It is a testing lab where banks can test payment processing, configuration, and business logic to spot mistakes that could leave loopholes.
  • Account Attack Intelligence: This security system uses machine learning to safeguard against deceitful CNP transactions.
  • E-Commerce Threat Disruption: This solution will scan the front-end of business websites to detect malware that spies on payment-related data. Visa’s scanning process may help websites spot possible threats and reduce the lifetime of malware on a website, thus minimizing the exposure of confidential client and payment information.

Visa’s collection of security features comes at a time when digital payments are more …