Why You Should Be Wary of VPN

May 27, 2021

Using a VPN is gradually becoming a norm in the world today. Because of its numerous reasons, people have found it more convenient to stick to using a VPN rather than normal Internet services, says a couple of US-Reviews.

However, it is also known to have its disadvantages. Various online reviews about cable and internet companies also point out some of these disadvantages. These disadvantages are common reasons why some people would rather stick with using the normal Internet services.

Some of the disadvantages associated with this using a VPN regularly are;

Some countries do not allow it

The use of VPN in some countries is very much legalised with some companies using it as a major source of their data security. As common as the use of VPN is, not all countries have legalised its use though.

For some countries, the use of VPN will inhibit the amount of control they have over their citizen’s internet use. Other countries allow the use of only government-approved VPNs to allow for some measure of control over internet access in the country.

This disadvantage does not apply to everyone as some countries allow for free access to the use of VPN.

You cannot be sure of how secure it is

As much as the use of VPN guarantees security, there is no way to fully ascertain the promised security is provided. This is because an average internet user is not familiar with the codes involved with data encryption and security. However, careful consideration of various reviews can help with this issue.

Some services do not allow VPN

As widespread as the use of VPNs can be, it is still not enabled by some streaming services such as Netflix. In the case of Netflix, some movies are only made available to specific countries and the use of VPN will defeat this aim, which is why it is not allowed.

The use of VPN can affect your internet quality

Due to the extra features added to its use, the use of VPN is sometimes associated with slower internet speed. This can be attributed to the extra privacy setting that was added to your usage. Only a very powerful VPN service can overcome this.

Also setting up a VPN for internet users is not an easy task as it involves a more complicated process of setting up the service on the business premises.

This is to ensure that access is guaranteed for all workers on the premises.

Other disadvantages that might be associated with its use are possible sales of your data to external sources. Especially for cases of free VPN, your data might be the exchange source for access to their services provided.

Generally, the use of VPN comes with numerous benefits, it is also important that you check out the disadvantages and be sure you are not affected by it before going on with its use.