Marijuana as a Remedy for Bowel Inflammation

October 12, 2018

Marijuana is known to effectively treat various diseases, from cancer to epilepsy, even to multiple sclerosis. Marijuana and its collection of cannabinoids and terpenes as active and therapeutic chemicals found in these plants, in fact work at a higher level than the need for one disease or condition. If you want to know more about medical marijuana, you can visit the official site of Medical Marijuana Canada.

Because of the effects of these substances together, the entire cannabis plant is able to adapt to the special needs of the individual endocannabinoid system, which often performs simple miracles by not directly combating disease. Rather, by increasing the body’s natural immune system, to defend against these diseases. You can find the best medical cannabis on the Medical Cannabis Canada.

Crohn’s disease (also known as inflammatory bowel disease), is one of the conditions most often exemplified by the medical marijuana community. The disease itself to this day has been recorded in the digestive tract of more than half a million people in North America, which is the cause of stomach aches, diarrhea, vomiting, bloody stools and extreme weight loss. It can also seriously affect the skin, eyes and can cause arthritis (swelling and stiffness in the joints).

Crohn sufferers who are members of a number of medical marijuana communities in North America revealed, marijuana is not only effective in treating side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, but also proved effective in stopping many symptoms and often cure the disease optimally.

In fact, a study conducted by The Meir Medical Center (Israel) in 2013 showed that most Crohn sufferers experienced a significant reduction in disease levels, or even a full cure after eight weeks of smoking marijuana as much as 2 rolls per day. Imagine if treatment with marijuana is done in a more optimal medical way, so the healing process might also be faster.

Through this study conducted by The Meir Medical Center, researchers in the United States immediately conducted trials on a number of patients with chronic Crohn’s disease, who are already immune to conventional treatment. All test participants were given potent marijuana samples with 23 percent THC and 0.5 percent CBD, with each patient giving a small amount of placebo.

As a result, most chronic Crohn’s patients experienced complete healing, while other subjects experienced a 50 percent reduction in the symptoms of the disease. In fact, the results of the study clearly explained how the research subjects who were infected with intestinal inflammation had increased appetite, good sleep quality, and no significant side effects.

With the results of research that has successfully treated most of the subjects (chronic Crohn’s sufferers) and reduced half of the symptoms of the disease to 50 percent of other patients, this suggests that marijuana is a very effective remedy for Crohn’s treatment, especially for patients who do not respond to treatment conventional.

However, before the marijuana level was lowered to ‘US class Narcotics’ by the United States federal government (or the narcotics level lower than the Controlled Substances Act), one and a half million Crohn patients in the US who had already treated their disease with marijuana had already been criminalized and subject to demands by the federal government.

This is a success for prohibitionists, who desperately struggle to maintain a very strict classification of marijuana as class I narcotics.

Finally, based on a study from Meir Medical Center, research in the United States today also opens the possibility for all disclosure of the high efficacy of marijuana, for chronic diseases such as Crohn, and various other diseases. This has even managed to attract the attention of the public and the medical world there, to promote medical marijuana as a political reaction to the intense ban carried out by prohibitionist groups.

To this day, 23 states in the US have even offered some form of treatment through medical marijuana, which allows patients to avoid buying marijuana through the black market, and to get safe access to medicine for their illness regularly.

While the prohibitionist to this day is still vigorously saying that marijuana use is ‘foolish’ because it can cause brain damage, Crohn sufferers will say that the only stupid decision is to not use marijuana to fight their disease and various diseases. others are deadly.