Tips to Improve Solder Quality

August 2, 2018

Tips for improving solder quality

As a professional and experienced PCB Manufacturer, China PCB Assembly has some suggestions for improving solder technology. The assembly of electronic components of this printed circuit board is very important. It affects all qualities and functions. So, the requirement for working condition and solder technology is quite strict. Manufacturers of PCBs need to make some process documents complicated and workable for solder electronics.

First of all, before the assembly of electronic components and soldering, the operator must be familiar with the corresponding requirements of drawings, component lists, and technical documents, etc. Then the operator can proceed with the assembly and solder components. For example, we will use an anti-static wristband and make sure that Grounding is done when soldering components with anti-static requirements.

Secondly, it is necessary to check PCBs and components before assembling electronic components and solder. If the PCB is not clean, you need to use degreasing cotton with a little ethanol to clean it. Regarding the components with pins, you need to check if they are in good lead solderability. If not, you need to add a tin to their pins. However, this method is not suitable for light diodes, swim, and block circuit paths.

Thirdly, in the same type of PCB Assembly electronic components, we always install them regularly and try to keep their orientation consistent. Because it is easy for inspection and maintenance.

Finally, detail is the key to success. When you install the transistor, we will use an isolated spacer, and the spacer must be close to the Surface PCB, to protect the transistor from damage during shock and vibration. For solder joints on the PCB, it is necessary to finish the solder by one time. If not, you have to wait until the solder joint becomes cold, then solder again. That is to avoid bearing off, copper tilt and components injured by continuous soldering. After assembling and solder components, all solder joints must be cold by nature, not by strong wind or shaking. Also, washing is important to remove the tin balls.